5 Adam Sandler movies that show him to be a good dramatic actor

Adam Sandler He has built his successful career on comedies with absurd humor and which show him with all his histrionic capacity to react to different situations. His films are marked by actors who accompany him on different entries and a similar tone that can be enjoyed by heterogeneous audiences. Over 30 years in the industry make him one of the nicest faces in Hollywood.

However, today we want to show that Sandler he is much more than a comic actor. His emotional palette allows him to participate in dramatic films as effectively as he does with humor. Many of the films that we will be seeing again today are moving thanks to the intervention of this performer, who has been repeatedly underestimated.

+ Adam Sandler’s dramatic films

5. Drunk love punch

Barry is a lonely character who has seven dominant sisters who take every opportunity to ridicule him. He falls in love with Firewood while experiencing a series of situations that make him explode with anger. Written and directed by talented people Paul Thomas Anderson, the film was Sandler his first “Serious paper” inside Hollywood.

4. Spanish

It shows the relationship between an employer and the woman who works in his house, a Mexican who does not speak English. They will understand each other emotionally and Fleur He discovers that the Clasky family, despite their good financial situation, has even worse problems than his. Can these two people fall in love with such different worlds? The film surprises.

3. Click on

The film shows a very similar character « Sandler », who finds a universal remote control that gives him the power to alter reality as he pleases. Critics failed to recognize the depth of a film that tragicomically portrays the life of Michael Newman, full of good intentions, but without the capacity to achieve them.

2. Meyerowitz’s stories

It tells the story of a group of brothers who live in the shadow of their father. After separating from his wife, the unemployed Danny Meyerowitz He moved in with his father Harold, a retired art teacher and sculptor, and his third wife, Maureen. Danny has a younger sister, Jean, and they have a younger half-brother, Matthew. Luxury casting: Dustin Hoffman, Ben Stiller and Emma Thompson.

1. Uncut gems

In that case, Sandler is a jeweler from the Diamond District of New York who has serious gambling problems and owes his loan shark brother-in-law € 100,000. His life is shared between his ex-wife. Dinah, and her lover Julia, who works in her shop. Soon, the reality of this character will be revolutionized. Sad ending! The best dramatic interpretation of Adam Sandler.

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