[20 ans Toutelatele, 2003] A guy, a girl, how Jean Dujardin and Alexandra Lamy revolutionized television

2003 marks the end of a triumphant adventure for France 2 with the end of the shortcom A boy a girl. The series airs for five seasons before the public channel’s 8 p.m. newscast and is a real powerhouse.

It all started in the spring of 1999. After laborious castings, Alexandra Lamy and Jean Dujardin were finally selected by the production. With very little means, the French team embarked on the adaptation of the Quebec series of the same name. Fiction delighted Radio Canada across the Atlantic as one of the most watched programs in the early 2000s.

TV’s first shortcom

On Monday October 11, 1999, France 2 launched its own version. Guy and Sylvie, in the original version, become Chouchou and Loulou, and the French are there. Before The horns of info on Canal + or The Six ‘Minutes of M6, already nearly 6 million viewers are connected to France 2 after a few months.

Jean and Alex become essential and steal from record to record. In March 2001, A boy a girl gathers nearly 6.5 million fans on average each evening before the 8 p.m. newspaper.

Unprecedented plebiscite

M6 decides for his part to rush into the breach by launching Cafe Camera at the start of the 2001 school year. A boy a girl At the same time, continues to make France 2 a success with a new record of 6.5 million viewers in November 2001, ie more than a quarter of the public present in front of their television set. In December 2002, a best of even peaked at 7.8 million viewers, or 34.2% of the market share.

Despite the success, France 2 must face a problem that will sign the end of its meeting which triumphs every evening. Indeed, Alexandra Lamy and Jean Dujardin fear to be locked in their role and aspire to evolve in the cinema.

While the epilogue of Chouchou and Loulou will be offered at the start of the 2003 school year, in January of the same year nearly 7 million followers still follow the series. In October 2003, France 2 must finally resolve to separate fromA boy a girl. Never will a shortcom manage to reach such audience levels.

DoMiSiLaDoRe will then try to take over, without success, with in particular Marie Vincent who will be found a few years later in another short series With family on M6. France 2 will have to wait Samantha Oops, a few months later, to begin to return to a success which, however, did not equal that ofA boy a girl

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