10 Curiosities About Tom Hanks’ Troubled Son

Tom Hanks is considered one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood, with an impeccable demeanor, and incredible successes of the cinema.

His son, on the other hand, has generated all kinds of problems, which, for many, mean an embarrassment to his famous father:Advertisements

1. Chet Hanks is the third son of Tom Hanks:

Chet is 31 years old, and is the third of the four children of the actor.

Colin the eldest, followed in his father’s footsteps as an actor, while Elizabeth is a writer and the youngest is getting involved as a camera operator in Hollywood.

Chet on the other hand, has had some appearances on the small screen, such as the series “Your Honor” and “Empire.”


2. You received a complaint of violence from your ex-girlfriend:


His ex-partner Kiana Parker denounced him for physical and verbal abuse, and obtained a restraining order against him after he claimed to have been beaten multiple times between October 2020 and January 2021.

For his part, Chet published a video in which she had supposedly been stealing from him, and when he confronts her, she “attacks him with a knife” (in the video that moment is not appreciated), and then shows her bloody face, while she denies the accusations.

3. He was sued for $ 1 million due to his volatile temper:


Kiana said that when Chet was filming “Your Honor” in New Orleans, he got upset because she told him she would come out of the hotel room to look for food.

Kiana claims that Chet grabbed her wrists and arms, pushing her into the room and knocking over tables.

He also said that a month after this incident, he threatened to take her life, and then commit his crime.

4. Says the vaccine is a sham invented by the government:


Despite the fact that Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson were among the first famous to get infected, and are strong advocates of the vaccine, Chet is against it.

“There is more evidence that UFOs are real than that this vaccine is healthy for you,” he said in a video that he later deleted from his networks.


This term was widely used by whites in the days of slavery, today it is colloquial in the field of hip hop, but derogatory when a Caucasian says it.

Faced with criticism, Chet said he saw the word as a way to “unify the culture of hip hop” and that it seemed “something beautiful.”


6. He later apologized and blamed the pressure of being Tom Hanks’s son for his mistake:


“I really feel sorry for the people I offended,” he said in an Instagram video.

“It has been a long journey. for me to figure out who I am because of all the pressures that I’ve faced in my life, you know, being my daddy’s son and everything, and trying to find where I fit in, you know? ”

7. Police wanted him for destroying a hotel room in London:


In 2015, Chet mobilized the London police, as they destroyed a room in the Arora International Hotel ”and then fled the scene.

Apparently, the damages caused amounted to $ 1800 dollars,


8. He confessed that he has been fighting against the abuse of controlled substances since he was 16 years old:


In 2014, Chet went public about his addiction to controlled substances, revealing that since he was 16 years old, he entered a rehabilitation center.

This announcement astonished many, as he had kept it a secret for 8 years, and he did it to prevent a medium that had the scoop, revealing his secret before him.

9. He also confessed that he sold [email protected], and that he consumed so much that his nose was clogged:


During his Instagram video, Chet said he reached a point in his addiction where he sold [email protected]! na, and that he used so much that his nose became clogged.

He also revealed that he smoked [email protected], and encouraged his followers who went through the same to “change.”


10. His career as a rapper is considered “white supremacist”:


His new job as a rapper “White Boy Summer” (the summer of the white boy), was promoted in a short video in which he appears surrounded by women in bikinis.

The criticisms were immediate, because for its launch, it accompanied T-shirts and sweatshirts with gothic typography, the same one that is commonly used by white supremacist groups.

Article: Soure